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Microphyt develop, produce and market natural active ingredients derived from microalgae, intended for food supplement laboratories and cosmetics brands.

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The European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot is inviting the Europe’s most thrilling innovators to the EIC Innovators’ Summit in Berlin on the 10 and 11/09/2018 (https://eicsummit.eu/)

The two-day event will bring together 1000 top SMEs, investors, corporate representatives, researchers and influencers.

Microphyt will present its latest innovation at the “Life Science” session. A specific focus on SMILE ingredient development will be made as a result of the SME Instrument phase 2 program.

For an inside look at the event, (demonstrations and booths that make up the EIC Innovators’ Summit, keynotes, workshops and award ceremonies), please check here or Twitter: clic here

MICROPHYT SA is an innovative SME specializing in the production and commercialization of microalgae-based natural active ingredients. With its know-how and experience of more than 10 years in this field, Microphyt draws from the microalgae unique solutions for nutrition & health and cosmetics industries. Microphyt’s technologies, developed internally and patented, allow the controlled production of microalgae biomass and extracts. Microalgae are cultured in 5,000 litre capacity tubular photobioreactors. These systems are particularly suited to the production of delicate and/or slow-growing species in that they preserve their cellular integrity; consequently, they offer access to an immensely diverse range of interesting molecules. Microphyt has filed four patents on microalgae production processes. The company now comprises 15 people.