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Microphyt develop, produce and market natural active ingredients derived from microalgae, intended for food supplement laboratories and cosmetics brands.

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The professional association of producers and distributors of specialty food ingredients, now has a new member: Microphyt, which innovates in the field of natural active ingredients derived from microalgae. Microphyt joins Synpa as an associate member.

Microphyt: at the heart of microalgae
Microphyt was founded in 2007 by Arnaud Muller-Feuga, former researcher of IFREMER and CEA. The company now comprises 16 people. “The wealth of microalgae is very little exploited today, because only a few species are cultivated on an industrial scale. Thanks to the know-how of our teams and our patented production process, we allow our customers to access this immense biodiversity”, explains its CEO, chief executive officer, Vincent Usache.
Since 2016, the company has been involved in the SMILE project, supported by the European Commission. The goal? Develop, produce and market marine natural active ingredients, specifically selected microalgae extracts that will contribute to weight loss and the maintenance of cognitive functions.

Join the Synpa: a real plus for a TPE
“If Microphyt has decided to join the Synpa, it is to ensure our teams regulatory information of quality and to be able to interact with the actors who count in the world of the ingredients”, specifies Virginie WASIOLEK, head of Regulatory Project within Microphyt.

Microphyt, the 1st associate member of Synpa
Microphyt is the first associate member of Synpa! This status is granted to companies with ingredients in development, producing pilot productions or for any structure carrying out studies or research on the subject of specialty ingredients.
The associate member benefits every week from a regulatory monitoring, and from a scientific monitoring every month. He is invited twice a year to the exchanges and information meeting, with the representatives of the French Administration.

MICROPHYT SA is an innovative SME specializing in the production and commercialization of microalgae-based natural active ingredients. With its know-how and experience of more than 10 years in this field, Microphyt draws from the microalgae unique solutions for nutrition & health and cosmetics industries. Microphyt’s technologies, developed internally and patented, allow the controlled production of microalgae biomass and extracts. These systems are particularly suited to the production of delicate and/or slow-growing species in that they preserve their cellular integrity; consequently, they offer access to an immensely diverse range of interesting molecules.

Founded in 1968, the Synpa has 20 adherent companies, producers and distributors of specialty food ingredients, from small and medium-sized companies to subsidiaries of international companies. Vegetable or algae extracts, enzymes, fibers, microalgae, animal extracts, vitamins, minerals … They bring lifelong health, organoleptic, nutritional and environmental benefits to our food. They can be subject to specific regulations: novel food, food enzymes, food additives, vitamins and minerals authorized in infant nutrition, ingredients used in food supplements… Companies in the sector invest on average 5% of their turnover in R & D.