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Microphyt develop, produce and market natural active ingredients derived from microalgae, intended for food supplement laboratories and cosmetics brands.

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The producer of natural active ingredients derived from microalgae has just seen its EnVol label, proof of its strong environmental commitment, renewed for another year.

EnVol is a recognition of Microphyt’s commitment to the environment, formalized in 2017. The entire team has once again made a lasting commitment to common objectives: managing and reducing the company’s environmental impact and keeping good practices in the forefront. At the end of May we received the renewal of our EnVol label for an additional year.


Reflecting the involvement of all Microphyt teams at the service of the environment, this label also reflects the sense of responsibility of a company attentive to the impacts of its activity. Michel Lemar, QRSE director (Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility), talks about the main motivation to get involved in the process:


Be able to claim the consistency between our natural active ingredients offer and the production processes from which they are derived, which are effective, sustainable and responsible.


Microphyt, a company specialized in the development, production and commercialization of natural active ingredients derived from microalgae, has once again demonstrated the homogeneity of its vision and its actions.


MICROPHYT SA is an innovative SME specializing in the production and commercialization of microalgae-based natural active ingredients. With its know-how and experience of more than 10 years in this field, Microphyt draws from the microalgae unique solutions for nutrition & health and cosmetics industries. Microphyt’s technologies, developed internally and patented, allow the controlled production of microalgae biomass and extracts. These systems are particularly suited to the production of delicate and/or slow-growing species in that they preserve their cellular integrity; consequently, they offer access to an immensely diverse range of interesting molecules.