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Microphyt develop, produce and market natural active ingredients derived from microalgae, intended for food supplement laboratories and cosmetics brands.

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Unique solutions

We develop natural active ingredients derived from microalgae which we market to food supplement laboratories and cosmetics brands.



Our unique expertise and production processes enable us to draw on all the rich diversity of bioactive compounds present in microalgae.

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Nutrition – Health

Natural ingredients, produced in France for the food supplements sector.




Effective active ingredients drawn from the rich diversity of microalgae, promoting well-being and beauty.

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Microphyt is committed to the development, production and marketing of microalgae extracts that contribute to weight loss and to brain health. The project and the range of specific extracts that are being developed within in it carry the label SMILE.

The program

Winner of phases 1 & 2 of the EU Horizon 2020
SME Instrument

Duration of the program: 2 years

Program Cost: 2,5 M€
EU Financing: 70 %

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SMILE ingredients

Our ingredients are a unique composition of xanthophylls and long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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